Gomme de sapin is one of the largest wholesalers of balsam fir gum in Canada.

WE BUY balsam fir gum directly from harvesters in eastern Canada, mainly in New Brunswick and Québec.

WE SELL a certified product, filtered fir balsam gum, mainly in 21-litre kegs, to industrial companies, pharmaceutical companies and denturists. We export our product to the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and Asia. We are planning to expand our market into Australia and increase our market share in Asia.

The trade name "balsam fir gum" is mainly used in North America. In Europe, the product is called Canada Balsam. It is also variously identified as : Turpentine, Fir resin and Fir Gum.

Canada Balsam
CAS (8007-47-4)
Number CE (EINECS) : 232-362-2
Code SH-8 : 1301.90.00

Fir balsam gum comes only from the balsam fir. It is a syrupy, greenish-yellow liquid that is drawn from small blisters on the trunk of the fir tree. The balsam fir is a species that can be found only on this side of the Atlantic, mainly in south-eastern Canada.